Speaking Events

  • Thu
    Black Hat USA - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas

    We are at war. But the battlefields are no longer distant deserts and jungles. This war is being fought on your newsfeed, in the comment section, on your TV, in your podcasts, and ultimately in your mind.  It's easy to shrug off cries of "FAKE NEWS!" or "meme magic" but governments, militaries, and intelligence agencies have employed information operations techniques for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And they are often devastatingly effective.

    The internet decreases the barriers to entry for information operations to the point that even small non-state actors can use them, while sophisticated and well-funded organizations such as governments and intelligence agencies can dramatically increase the scale and scope of their existing efforts.

    In this briefing, a former NSA intelligence professional will review the tactics, techniques, and procedures used in today's information war; along with case studies; and tips on how to identify and defend against these techniques in the wild.

  • Tue
    11:20 amMandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Managed Security Services

    Panel discussion on the future of managed security services.