In the News: The future of conflict is in cyberspace (The Sunday Times of London)

Quoted in the Sunday Times article The future of conflict is in cyberspace by Davey Winder:

The US Cyber Command response was to launch attacks against cyber communication channels and drone-strikes against human targets in Syria thought to be linked with the group. It’s now known that the Cyber Caliphate was a false-flag operation run by APT 28, a Russian state-sponsored hacking group.
“Once an organisation’s techniques and fingerprint are known, it’s relatively trivial for other organisations to emulate it,” says David Venable, former US National Security Agency intelligence officer and now vice president of cyber security at Masergy. It’s a huge danger, Mr Venable insists as “the use of this information to impact the foreign policies of other states is extremely likely, especially with regards to states with sophisticated cyber operations”.

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